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Fence Panel Grips - Stop Fence Panels Rattling

Stop Fence Panels Banging

Fence Panel Grips - Keep Fence Panels Secure

Improve Garden Security

Fence Panel Grips - No Need for tools

No Tools Required

Fence panel grips are a revolutionary stainless steel fence panel accessory, designed to stop annoying banging / rattling panels caused by the wind, the added advantage of these fence panel grips is that they stop anyone lifting your panels and causing damage or theft from your garden by adding over 50% more resistance and weight to your fence panels.

How many grips do I need?

  • 1 Fence panel (6 pack)
  • Up to 3 fence panels (18 pack)
  • Up to 5 fence panels (30 pack)
  • Up to 10 fence panels (60 pack)

Fence Panel Grips will outlast the life of your fence panel. Simply add 1x Fence Panel Grip to the top, middle & bottom on each side of your fence panel, its really as simple as that. Don’t believe us, watch the video…

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